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Got a specific car you would like a bespoke drawing of? 


I can draw any car on request, whether it's for yourself or as a gift for somebody else. All you need to do is let me know what you want and I will work with you to create the perfect artwork!

If you have a particular picture you'd like drawing, get in touch! Alternatively, I can find a reference image of a similar car and work with you to draw it in the perfect specification.

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Matt Parsons - Vancouver, Canada

"Harry was a pleasure to work with. Prompt response and flexibility. I still look at the picture and find it hard to believe someone could draw that. I will be getting more in the future."


Arthur Porter - Colorado, USA

"I have been restoring and racing historic BMW racing cars for more than three decades. I have always wanted to put together a single art piece that showed some of the most special of them, but never could find the right partner to do so. Until Harry Gravett got on my radar. what followed was a simple idea. An amazing artist to work with and voila! The most amazing piece, depicting the depicting the BMW CSL's I have had the great privilege to find, restore, and race. Thank you Harry. Your work is amazing!"


 Aaron Matthews - Epsom, UK

"I asked Harry to draw my 1983 VW T25 and I was thrilled with the end result. He was incredibly helpful and friendly throughout and the level of detail in his drawings is amazing. Thanks again Harry and I will definitely get you to do another one for me in the near future!"


Simon Everidge - Lightwater, UK

"Harry's amazing drawing of my Truck is the second commission he's done for me, the first being my beloved Mustang. His drawing talent & eye for detail is incredible, and I'm even more thrilled with the Truck than I was with the Mustang. The fact he's a top bloke too, as well as a phenomenal artist, is a bonus!"


Rob Stewart - Ontario, Canada

"I was first exposed to Harry Gravett’s artwork back in 2018 and was well impressed. I contacted Harry to discuss the possibility of creating portraits of my yellow TVR Griffith 500 and my red TVR 350i FHC. From that first contact I was confident I found the right artist. Harry never rushed the process, guided me through the options and helped select the very best source images. The fact I am located in Canada never got in the way, as communications were solid and Harry kept me updated on progress. The results were excellent and represent excellent value. I have seen other people create images of collector cars, but too often the resultant images were out of proportion, lacked subtle details and simply looked flat. Worse, some appeared to be stock images that simply had their colour approximated and number plates added – to me that is like pasting a family’s heads on to an image of a ‘stock family’. I wanted true portraits of my cars, and that is precisely what Harry delivered. Fine art, not hobby art.


Over the subsequent years Harry has continued to capture images of our cars, faithfully capturing details, colours and character of each subject;

• Subtle imperfections of our well used white Land Rover D90, revealing details such as custom front bumper and non standard wheel colours.

• Crisp reflections in the black paint of my Chimaera, significantly enhancing the realism of the image as they reveal every curve.

• Precisely capturing the contours of the fifteen spokes and ring of bolts on the component rims of my wife’s black Jaguar XJR.

• Showing the depth and drama of the Emerald Green paint on my wife’s Jaguar XKR.

• Recreating a moment in time. Basing the portrait of my Silver TVR Tasmin on a great photo that unfortunately was taken when the car was wearing the wrong rims. Rendering the portrait with the right set of rims as could only be found on other, less flattering photos of the car.

• Accurately capturing my youngest son’s first car, a red TVR Tasmin.

• When illustrating my oldest son’s blue Austin Mini asking that I send a close up of a sticker on the window to ensure every little detail was correct.


The portraits Harry created for me have earned prominent place amongst my most prized possessions, and we aren’t done yet. I am on the hunt for another car and you can be confident once it arrives the first thing I will do is reach out to Harry to add portrait number ten to our automotive family gallery."

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